December 3, 2011

December December, nice to see you again.

Caramelised onion, artichoke and goats cheese tarts

Portugese custard tarts

Vegetarian nut loaf

Chocolate & honeycomb cake

Sweet potato fries & avocado dip

I think its the cold stormy snap that's hit the east coast, well whatever, ill blame it on that. Anyway Iv woken up thinking of our christmas menu and what I might bring to the table. The thing one should know about a Reid christmas is, its totally where its at. Delish treats as far as the eye can see, a vegetarians delight, fresh food and breads to boot. And then, just when you can't stand up, or possibly think of eating another thing in your life the sweet buffet emerges out of nowhere. And this isn't just another sweets table, its the best of the best, im telling you, this family knows how to turn on the sweet charm.

Anyway the pressure is on, you want to be the one whose hand flies up when the "Wow, who made this?" gasps come rolling in. Im flicking through menu's, recipes and foodie blogs to come up with some real keepers, at least I hope! Tae lands down under in the nick of time, this will be our first christmas bake off in years! So excited.

Any other suggestions?

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