July 30, 2010

prints + fabrics

We love beautiful fabrics and prints - they can transport you to places and times. This skirt makes me think of long days, fresh air and open spaces (via le FASHION).

July 29, 2010

Sno + Dad

We are all born into an inspirational world. We were also lucky enough to be born into an inspirational family. Recently our parents celebrated 25 years of a beautiful and inspiring marriage. The magnitude of this inspiration was evident when compiling the photographs that tell their story. From Sri Lanka to Portugal and back again, their years of travel and their generosity of showing us the world have created 3 free spirits. But don't worry Mum and Dad, wherever you are, will always be home.

Carly + Taegan x

July 27, 2010

July 25, 2010

Business of Fashion - Net a Porter

This week we were fortunate enough to have a foot in the door (literally) at the Net a Porter offices in West London for the Business of Fashion event which featured an exclusive interview with Natalie Massenet.

Inspirational? Check. Ambitious? Check. Professional? Check. Natalie Massenet ticked all boxes as she described creating the Net a Porter dream and "that call" at 3am, 10 years ago, from the American Vogue offices because they had heard she was doing "something". Something it was and from this phone call on Natalie Massenet knew that she was on the fashion radar.

Her insight into the online world and the culture of blogging was interesting to say the least but it was her self belief and and conviction that imagining and picturing what you want, will create the fact, that gave us goosebumps and the strong feeling that everything will be just fine.


Indian Summer - UK Vogue September 2007

This is one of our all time favourite fashion spreads. The moment we saw it- we knew it would provide us with continual inspiration. WE LOVE GEMMA WARD and WE LOVE DREAMING OF INDIAN ADVENTURES.

east to eden

To some up what east to eden is in words has proven to be somewhat difficult. For those of you that share our gypsy ways, our love of travel, our desire to seek and see the world and our passion for beautiful things you will understand that such a way of thinking can not be described, it has to shown, experienced and felt.

The east to eden blog will be a collection of images, quotes, photographs and all things that inspire us, as we attempt to navigate the world while remaining true to ourselves and the things we love: travel, fashion, family and friends.

Our hope is that east to eden will grow and flourish with whatever direction the winds blow us.

To all the free spirits out there - we hope this blog provides you with inspiration, with hope, with desire and with courage to see the world.

" i am a gypsy at heart and i have always been a gypsy at heart" DVF

Carly and Taegan x